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Nursing Mission, Vision & Philosophy

Nursing Mission 

We, the community of nurses, support the mission of Genesis through our intentional presence in all we do.

We demonstrate excellence in clinical care by our commitment to evidence-based practice, quality outcomes, and the delivery of culturally competent patient care in a caring-healing environment.

We promote innovation in clinical practice, programs, and technology through active participation in decision-making and research.

We provide a compassionate and respectful environment for all members of our community through our Professional Practice Model, and patient- and family-centered care.

We recognize leadership exists at every level from the bedside to the boardroom.


Nursing Vision 

We will conscientiously integrate evidence-based practice and research into clinical and operational processes by being innovative and establishing new ways of achieving high quality, outcomes. 

We will promote an environment that stimulates, motivates and inspires nurses to both achieve extraordinary outcomes and develop their own leadership capacity. 

We will have a professional practice environment that uses multiple strategies to create structures and processes that support a lifelong learning culture that includes professional collaboration and the promotion of role development, academic achievement and career advancement.


Nursing Philosophy

Reflective of the Genesis mission, vision, and values, our Department of Nursing philosophy centers on the basic beliefs concerning the key concepts of nursing: person, environment and health. Caring relationships, compassion and evidence-based practice serve as the foundation of nursing care at Genesis. Care is seamless and consistent throughout the health system resulting in a safe, healing environment, leading to excellent outcomes.

We believe care decisions must be made in collaboration with the patient and family and respect the inherent dignity and worth of all, unrestricted by considerations of culture, social or economic status, personal attributes, or nature of health problems.

We believe interdisciplinary teams of health professionals working cohesively with patients and families are the most effective and efficient means for achieving the best possible outcomes.

We believe professional nursing is both an art and science-based discipline possessing a unique body of knowledge.

We believe that nursing “owning” their own practice leads to commitment, competence in performance, improved communication skills, and life-long learning, which are crucial to the practice of nursing.

We believe nurses have the right, authority and legislative responsibility to make independent patient care decisions while practicing to the full scope of nursing practice, and whenever possible these decisions should be made at the point of care.

We believe in nursing taking an active role in the selection, implementation, and execution of technology solutions for patient care to enhance patient safety and maximize efficiency.


All new employees will receive a one-day general hospital orientation to assist both the experienced and inexperienced employees to provide successful integration into the work setting. During this initial phase of orientation, the focus is on general hospital introduction and orientation to benefits, policies, mandatory education, infection control, culture, strategic goals and mission, vision and values.

Clinical Staff Orientation

All clinical staff including registered nurses, unit assistants and certified nursing assistants receive an additional day of interactive training which includes orientation to:

  • Safety First
  • Patient Experience and Satisfaction
  • Infection Control, Hand washing, Isolation
  • Fall Prevention
  • Skin & Pressure Injury Protection
  • Workplace Violence

Nursing Staff Orientation

The registered nursing staff orientation consists of two additional days of interactive learning, competency development and simulation.  Topics include:

  • Diabetes Management
  • Documentation and Electronic Medical Record
  • Rapid Response & Code Training
  • PICCs, VAD and IV Insertion
  • Bedside Report & Rounding
  • Medication Safety
  • Pain Management
  • ANA Code of Ethics

Topics are discussed through simulations and scenarios in a Simulation Center which is designed to be realistic, virtual hospital environment.  Learners master clinical competencies, procedures, roles, responsibilities and effective communication.  The Simulation Center offers realistic patient care setting with use of staff actors who portray standardized patients, use of high tech simulators and task trainers.

Select RNs also have the option to attend a Dedicated Learning Unit Orientation for several weeks with advanced preceptors who provide expert knowledge and development in the medical-surgical patient care areas.

Unit Orientation

New nurses are then oriented to the specialized unit and l work with an assigned Preceptor for several weeks. The length of this training will be dependent upon the nurse's position, experience level, and assigned unit(s). Specialty areas will require additional training. The focus of the unit orientation is unit-specific competencies and to provide the nurse with patient care opportunities that enable them to demonstrate competence. Intermittent orientation meetings are conducted with a clinical educator, manager and preceptor throughout orientation to review competencies and set goals.


The nursing preceptor at Genesis plays a significant role in the competency development and job satisfaction of the new nursing employee. The Preceptor Program exists to support the new nursing employee in his or her transition into the workplace. This program also supports the hospital mission, vision, values, and commitment to quality healthcare for all patients.


Training for the Preceptor Program includes:

  •  Role responsibilities
  •  Characteristics of a good Preceptor
  •  Principles of adult learning and learning strategies
  •  Methods of competency evaluations
  •  Guidelines for providing feedback

Genesis is committed to providing opportunities for continual learning and recognition of nurses clinically focused on bedside nursing who demonstrate behaviors that advance the Nursing Mission and Vision. In keeping with this commitment, Genesis supports these nurses who wish to advance their performance within the framework of the ANA Professional Performance Standards. The Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Program is an incentive, creating a recognition and reward opportunity for advancement beyond the basic expectations of the RN job description and serves primarily to recognize the contribution of clinical bedside nurses who are committed to advancing professional nursing practice.


The Nursing Professional Development (NPD) program utilizes Patricia Benner’s Novice to Expert model applied to nursing practice. The program describes the advancement of nurses clinically focused on bedside nursing based on criteria including experience, professional practice, knowledge and skills, interpersonal relationships, commitment to patient satisfaction and leadership qualities.


Nursing Professional Development (NPD) Program Objectives
The program objectives for nursing include:

  • To provide advancement opportunities that encourage nurses to remain at the bedside
  • To promote commitment and ownership of nursing practice at the unit level
  • To provide a system of recognition for highly qualified nurses involved in direct patient care activities
  • To promote professionalism and commitment to the Genesis mission and values.
  • To improve patient care through personal growth and contributions to their practice area

The program objectives for the organization include:

  • To provide the organization with a tool for recruitment and retention
  • To stimulate individual professional development
  • To promote the improvement of quality patient care
  • To increase job satisfaction
  • To aid in reduction of turnover rates and the expenses associated with hiring new employees



Benefits that are important to you.

Discover a compensation package that’s designed for you.  Here’s a sampling of some of the amazing benefits we offer:

  • Health (Medical), Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Flexible Spendings Account
  • Short & Long Term Disability Benefits
  • Basic & Supplemental Life Benefits
  • Paid Time Off
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Assistance
  • Pharmacy Benefits
  • Critical Illness Benefits
  • 24 Hour Accident Benefits
  • Hospital Indemnity Benefits
  • Universal Life & Long Term Care Benefits
  • Wellness Programs
  • Leave Benefits
  • Smoking Cessation Program

Genesis Medical Center, Aledo
As the only health center in the county, Genesis Medical Center, Aledo is a 22-bed, critical access hospital that plays a vital role in providing local health care to a diverse population since 1950. It is our mission to provide quality, compassionate care to the community. We are fortunate to be a part of Genesis Health System, which assists us to perform at the highest levels of quality and safety.

Genesis Medical Center, Silvis
Genesis Medical Center, Silvis is a 150-bed, full-service, acute care medical center. We provide a full range of inpatient and outpatient services to residents of a three-county area.

Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, East Rusholme Street
Davenport is a Level III trauma care facility, the highest level available in the Iowa Quad-Cities.

Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, West Central Park Avenue

Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt
Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt is a 13-bed not-for-profit hospital located in DeWitt, Iowa since 1952. Genesis Medical Center, DeWitt is dedicated to providing complete health care services to the residents of DeWitt and surrounding communities. We provide health care that is close, convenient and an integral part of the community.

Genesis Health System, a Level III trauma center, serves a 17-county, bi-state region of the Quad Cities metropolitan area and the surrounding communities of Iowa and Illinois.