With the ongoing shortage of medical assistants, Genesis recognizes the need to invest in its colleagues and grow its pipeline of qualified candidates. In March 2023, Genesis launched its homegrown Medical Assistant Training Program, welcoming eight students. 


Genesis has made it easy for colleagues by offering tuition coverage for the four-month program, scholarships for certification tests, hands-on skills training, hourly compensation, full-time benefits eligibility, and the best part is guaranteed placement upon program completion. The program spans 16 weeks, guided by an assigned instructor in the trainer role.


The comprehensive training curriculum covers essential areas such as medical terminology, anatomy, medical procedures, pharmacology, diagnostic testing, office procedures and management, and phlebotomy. By delving into each of these aspects, medical assistant residents gain a thorough understanding of their responsibilities, honing the required skills and knowledge to successfully take the MA certification test.

  • Tuition and certification test scholarships
  • Four (4)-month online and in-person program (learning material included)
  • Hands-on skills training
  • Hourly compensation and full-time benefit eligibility
  • Guaranteed placement upon program completion
  • Must be employed with Genesis, partnered services, or MercyOne for a minimum of six (6) months and be in good standing (no corrective action).
  • The colleague’s manager and director will sign off in support of the applicant.